Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday Facts

No...I am not under the influence or the supervision of a Doctor or medicated right now. I am aware of what day it is, Tuesday not Friday. I just know you are are jones'en for some Friday facts. Since you have been having withdraws for the last 6 weeks..since the last FF binder you went on. So here is a little "some'en some'em" for your cerebral cortex!

1. Rocky Road ice cream was invented during the Depression as a "comment of the times."
2. Presidential firsts: To pay for the Civil War, Abe Lincoln signed an income tax into law.
3. Reindeer are the only species of deer in which the female grows antlers.
4. In Bangkok, Thailand, ice skates are known as "hard water shoes."
5. "honcho" is a Japaneses word that means "squad leader." It was Americanized after WWII, hence Head Honcho.
6. Sleepwalking is hereditary.
7. Military spending: Among other things, the U.S. military operates 234 golf courses,
8. Four health clinics around the world specialize in bad breath. (two are in Philadelphia.)
9. Amazing fact: 20% of the people in human history who lived beyond age 65 are still alive today.
10. Virginia has more ghosts registered withe the Ghost Research Society that any other sate.


Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday not Monday and Friday facts are fun any day!!

The Hussy Housewife said...

LMAO!! You are right! Thanks anonymous super hero..for letting the cat out of the bag..I guess I am drunk and medicated after all!

C.B. Jones said...

How many golf courses feature bunkers filled with landmines?

Nooter said...

i keep getting directmail offers from those health clinics and dont understand why....

Dennis the Vizsla said...

You can register ghosts?

Anonymous said...

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