Monday, March 23, 2009

In other reality related news...

Yes...and then nobody gets hurt that way. It is a situation. You get to keep your head and I get my fix. So don't try to take it away from me.

It does not mean, I am shallow. It is for scientific research purposes only. I am studying human behavior. How Homo Sapiens react in stressful, semi scripted, alcohol induced situations. It is like crack for all us people-watchers out there.

You know how we roll...the ones observing strange human behavior in a large crowd near you. The ones sitting on the bench in the mall. Being reassured with every observance...that yeah..we don't have it so bad after all. Compared to them, we have as much grace and pose as Jacquelin Kennedy. We love watching frows (freak shows) all over the world. Oh and the louder the better. Those are my FAVORITE ones! Easier to spot to.

So I know there is a lot of you lurkers and readers of mine out there that are just as hooked as I am. Hooked like Paris Hilton is at looking in the mirror. So lift your head up, and come out of the closet. I am out. Streeeeetch..feels great! Besides, like I said is scientific research that we do. A human service we provide.

So, now on to the business at hand. I need to do a reality TV update/discussion/HOLY MEATLOAF can you believe that

First up I must update you on my post I did, when I told you the steaks were high. When I explained that I was in a Survivor on the line. That my player chocolate sister Taj. How I asked all of you to root for the Hussy could win. Despite a few of the hang ups she had going against her. Being a retired pop star and all. How I tried to stay positive. How the Hussy said quote,

"Then I thought, heh..this may be good. With the Obama fever going on, and it being Black History month....My chocolate sista and I may just have a shot at winning this survivor pool. As long as Al Sharpton doesn't opened his mouth in the next few months. We may be cool."

Well folks..things are looking a little shaky for Taj and I. Sure enough, because of a political cartoon in the New York Post: good ol' Al Sharpton hit the mic and media bliss. DOH!! I knew it! He couldn't just lay low long enough for this season of Survivor to be over? Hello? Did I not make myself clear AL? I got $150 dolla dolla bills YO, on the line. While Taj is still on the show..her torch not yet snuffed out, her tribe has not yet spoken, we are now on walking on a San Andreas Falut Line. She blabbed to her tribe that she was married to a NFL player...then on the next episode..she had a PMS women moment where she lost her cool..and almost got voted OUT!

So all your thoughts and prayers are needed. These are hard times for us. Taj is going through a difficult time right now. Please keep Taj and I in your morning prayers.

more reality news to come....


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Are you serious that that cartoon was in the New York Post? For realz?

I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut if I were good ole Al either. Sorry Hussy.

Hopefully Taj will bounce back and go the way of Gloria Gaynor.

dizzblnd said...

Thanks for sharing that cartoon.. I missed it.

I for one am not much for reality shows.. But I will pray for you in your time of need


Me-Me King said...

Research? I'd never thought of that as my justification when my world stops daily for Wife Swap. Thanks for the tip.

Best of luck to you and your chocolate sista, I pulling for ya.

WhisperingWriter said...

I like Taj! I hope she makes it, I really do.

And yes, I watch a lot of reality television. Tonight I'll be watching Jon and Kate plus 8. They're basically living in a house (that cost 1.3 million dollars!) that they pretty much got for free. Then it's amusing when Kate constantly puts down her husband and her husband sort of just sits there and takes it. I'd be all, "Bi*ch, you better watch yourself."

dani c said...

You know what..these bitches need to do a reality series on ME !!!!
Ok now that that was said...I'll be taking offers at 8pm EST at my place..

The Hussy Housewife said...

Petra- was..were you hiding under a rock? LOL! Yeah, it wasn't so nice..but he could have just layed low for a bit.

Dizzbld- Thanks for you support and prayer in our time of need.

MeMEKing- Yes..use that excuse to get people off your back!! Let me know if it works. I used to watch wife swap..back in the day..Thanks for your prayers :)

Whisperingwriter- You do?? YEAH. GO TAJ! Yes I used to watch Jon and KAte +8..but her voice started to get to annoying to I cut that show out. yeah they are usre enjoying their $ and what the show has bought them. I feel bad sometimes for Jon, but I also understand how stupid men are..LOL

DAni- OMGosh...met too!! I want my own show!!!! Ohh gotta phone is ringing right is VH1 producers..

Scandalous Housewife said...

I have no shame, or pride. I watch all the reality crap I can cram on my tivo. My husband shames me in disgust, but if I catch him off guard and say, 'That was no NeNe of her', he's all like, 'Nah, it was more She by Sheray'

moooooog35 said...

You had me at 'homo sapien.'

Not sure why, really.

Cori said...

I like Taj but I'm rootin, for my cowboy (T.J.) Love the accent and he is just plain studly!! I'll keep you in my thoughts every week I'm watchin'....

Stickman said...

I am a reality show addict as well. I watch nearly every reality show on TV...EXCEPT Survivor. I have in the past, just not this season. Don't know why?

I love your word, frow. That is perfect. I might have to license that one from you!

Great post!

The Hussy Housewife said...

ScandelHouse- LOL! I love that show NeNE is a trip. Sheray is high on pills. Great!! Someone after my own heart!

Moooog- I am sure a life coach would be able to answer that question for you. And while you are there..ask them a question for me. Why did Mooooog choose red lipstick for his hand? I was thinking more like a neutral color would work better.

Cori- TJ is pretty sweet. However, this is all about the Hussy..and her survivor pool. So you need to choose sides now with me or not?

Stickman- You are in good company them..I watch a lot of those shows to. As for Frow..I already got it accepted into the Urban dictionary...ha! Beat you to it :) What can the Hussy say?

Riff Dog said...

It's embarrassing how much reality TV I watch. heck, I eve watch the dregs, like Real Housewives of Orange County/New York.

And . . Reverend Al is never gonna just lay low. No matter how much we all beg, it just won't happen.

The Hussy Housewife said...

Riff Dog- Don't be is human research, remember? I watch all those too!

I am afraid you are right! Reverend is here to stay..ugggg

Anonymous said...

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