Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Say hello to my drunk and deranged friends

Yes, please say hell...OH! That is Dwight my deranged Hussy Lobbyist on the left, and the blog drunk...my pirate Capt. Joesph LeatherFace on the right. In case you are a new customer blog buddy here.
Dwight has the little lobbyist syndrome..so he payed me off requested that I let him stand on some beer coasters, as to appear larger than LeatherFace. The rivalry continues. I told Dwight I would not show you guys the bottom part of the picture...but a Hussy never keeps her word. He will have to pay up more Benjamin's next time. Bad lobbyist.

So....I snapped that picture of the two trouble makers conspiring their next move in my office. More on that later.

If you will remember the last time we saw Dwight he was up to some suspicious activities. I had found the following picture on my camera...... All I knew is that old saddle bags was off my Park Place bike, and back to her Marvin Gardens. With that being said, I decided to opt for the military stance on gay soldiers, "Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't sell"....the pictures that is. IT is the least I could do since he is always lobbying on my Hussy behalf.

As for Capt. Joseph LeatherFace..he was sleeping off another hangover. He had a get out of jail after party that got a little crazy. IF you can recall, he went to jail for his part in the last shenanigans we pulled off on this here blog. He had to take one for the team. He was just trying to help the Hussy. What a loyal drunk.

So...as I previously said..I decided to not ask Dwight what that picture I found on my camera was. Then I was walking to my office when I overheard this conversation:

Dwight: YOU BUMBLING SEA DOG IDIOT! I told you to delete that picture you took of me. It was for my portfolio I was going to send to Palin 2012 campaign committee...

CJL: (burp) What? (Belch) Committee? I told you I had no technical experience on my salty resume. Your lucky the picture was some what focused, my vision was blurred from the 1/5 th of rum I chugged for breakfast that day. Besides, after my hit and run, I am on probation. So I really stuck my drunk neck out to help you. I did you a favor you blimey landlubber!

Dwight: Well now the Hussy saw it and she is going to get suspicious of how that whole "Operation: That's my spin bike bee-yotch" went down. Since I am on Hussy House arrest...I had to pinky swear that I wouldn't get involved this time. She is still a little upset since my last shenanigans got us audited my the IRS.

(enters The Hussy Housewife)..............

To be continued

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dani c said...

I oove your friends, can I borrow them sometime ?

My Outside Voice said...

You so got added to the CTG Club. You are too funny...

The Queen

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Oh that Dwight...he really doesn't need an enabler like the Captain.

The Hussy Housewife said...

Dani- Of course, as long as you promise to pay all legal fees.

My outside voice- Thanks!! Hope to see you back for more ;)

Petra- You are soooo right. What is a Hussy to do?

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