Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jamie's Episode 9: I had a few Interjections this weekend

OHMYGOODNESSWHEREONEARTHHAVEIBEEN!? First let me say...yes I am still alive..but I was on death's doorstep this last weekend. Second, you are all welcome for getting "Mrs. Hussy Roboto" stuck in your heads for several days. That being said..on to business, I then had to take a break from my blog for many of these unforeseen circumstances that were beyond my bowel control. All of these unforeseen circumstances resulted in several interjections been yelled out! My last Jamie's Episodes 8, I taught you how to change a tire. Just think of what amazement you may learn from this Jamie's Episode? Maybe something to write a college thesis on?

My weekend ended up looking like a episode of Seinfeld where I play Elaine, and my weekend partakes in a series of unfortunate events. Causing me to shove and push people while yelling interjections like, "GET OUT OF HERE!" in true Elaine style. Unlike her I am not dating every Tom, Dick, and Harry (That is the Hussy)..but like her...the bad luck seemed to trail me around like the smell of cinnabuns at the mall.

This past weekends interjections can be attributed to three major events all starting with the letter "F" and leading to the "F" word being interjected...FIDDLESTICKS! This was the weekend of: A Funeral, The Flu, and Four year olds (17 to be exact.) In that order. WHAT? How many of you are raising your right hand and wonder what the fudge interjections are? Ok, before I get started..I will give you all a PSA on interjections...the first part pertaining to my flu episode:

Don't worry..I never let anyone give me a shot down there. Nor was there any commas in my interjections, only exclamations points..the feeling was to strong.

WHAT! Gotta go to the Lavatory! Will have to finish this later...TO BE CONTINUED!!


Da Old Man said...

Good to see you back. I can hardly wait for the rest of the story.

ReformingGeek said...

Hey, thanks for the education video. That brings back memories! Yippee!

You should post one every week ;-)

Yeah, I'm ready for the rest of the story. Take care.

The Hussy Housewife said...

Da Old Man- Thanks..I am only opperating at half mask. BTW YOu won last weeks street cred..go look!

ReformingGeek- I love them too. You can go to on my labels on the right..Click on PSA for more good ones..I put lots on here. I am blogging the next part today just for you guys!

Anonymous said...

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