Monday, October 13, 2008

I am currently out of the office this week......

Harassing other poor Innocent bloggers. So where is this hose at? I am over guest blogging this week at "The Soccer Mom Files." So go over there today to find out your today's assignment! Don't make me beat you with my hose. No need to self medicate yourselves, I still will be blogging here this week..I still have to update you all on Part 4 of Operation "That's my bike Bee-Och." I know you all have been DYING to know what happen come last Monday morning. If you are new here...and you need to get caught up please read:
Part 1: "Move your Tw*t, loose your spot" then
Part 2: "Mess with my girl..I put you up in my grill!" and finally
Part 3: "I get my bike with a little help from my friends."

You will need to be caught up with my antics for tomorrow! See you at the county jail!!


dani c said...

I WANT part 4..........ugghhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Ok so, what happened to my WWJamieD question?????

Jamie said...

Ohh,,don't worry deb..I have it and will be posting it soon!

Dani...patience my dear..want some meds? hahah

Bill said...

I'm caught up and waiting. And don't tell me to be patient because my truck is bigger than your suburban!

Animated that pic, thanks, will post soon.

Jamie said... is? What might you be roll'in? Can't wait to see the pic!!

eve cleveland said...

So, how much do you want for that older child?

Jamie said...

My son..Cormac..hmm. it is hard to put a price on pure cuteness and sweetness. What is your highest bid? lol

VE said...

Can't wait for part 4. Did you:

Unscrew one of the pedals and take it home only to re-attach it when you arrived next time?

Put itching powder on the saddle and let her have it?

Create a fake bike assignment document with her name back on Baltic Ave bike?

What will it be?

Jamie said...

ve- have been hanging around by blog to long..I will get you in trouble. lol

Anonymous said...

eshmkxfcc, Xrumer Uleashed , xsKKyTt.