Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Facts

1. The season of Spring travels north at a rate of 30 miles a day.
2. It's Against the law to play rock music on a Venitian gondola.
3. Born conformists: Ostriches yawn in groups before they go to sleep.
4. 20% if French women say being asked to undress during a job interview isn't sexual harassment.
5. President Andrew Jackson thought the world was flat.
6. The world population increases by the equivalent of the population of Mexico every year.
7. Expensive hobby: The British monarchy costs taxpayers $85 million a year.
8. It costs 3 cents to make a dollar bill, and 7.8 cents to make a half-dollar coin.
9. Teenage boys use more shampoo and less deodorant than teenage girls
10. Each American averages one greasy-food stain per month.


Misty said...

Thank you for these facts. I found the "I have learned something new today".

Jamie said...

Your welcome. You know knowledge is POWER...that or nice conversation starter at a cocktail party! People will think you are a genius!

Andrea said...

I feel much smarter after having read those facts! Thanks for sharing! Have you noticed I have been keeping up with my blog a little better lately!

Jamie said...

Yes..I have. Mama is soooo proud of you Andrea. My little girl is sooo grown up now *tear*