Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tell us your secret

There is this website called PostSecret that I go to all the time. It is a place where people make their own postcards in which they put their secret on it. They then send it in, and it is published for all to see. Some are very sad, some thought provoking, others scary. The ones that were done the week of Mother's Day where really eye opening. I thought it would be a fun challenge, or tag if you will, if everyone who reads this would make their own Post Secret. Post it on your blog or if you don't have one, in the comments. Lets see what we all have been hiding. Tag to anyone who reads this...don't be scared. Here is mine:


Kristi O said...

okay I am posting mine!

Crazy Pences said...

Now that is not a deep dark secret. You should see my chocolate stash...yes, I am my mother's daughter.

Girl I can barely keep up with your prolific blogging.
It's very entertaining. I love the bouncy thing and your kids are too cute in the swim suits.
It's already in the triple digits there? Holy Cow!
When I lived in Lewiston I used to sit in front of the fan with a spray bottle of water. Ghetto? ...Yes

I'll be back

Jamie said...

Ok Sherry...I will post a dark secret. You better do it too! You are your mother's daughter only if you bring back tons of weird candy from Korea and try to pawn it off your your nephews:))

Thanks for the compliments. I guess creativity runs in the fmaily;)Not triple yet, just in the high 90's...but in due time!! Yep, sounds pretty ghetto, but I understand. How about naked and pregnant with AC and a spray bottle??