Monday, May 19, 2008

Spent all week still running for president is what you missed

Summer is officially here, and there was no time for acclimation around this joint. As many of you out-of-staters know by watching the news...Idaho is hot, hot, hot, and having flood warnings. The sun just came out a beaming, and decided to melt off lots of our mountain snow caps at a rapid pace. However, I never understand why people EVER build a house on a flood plain....can we say not the smartest peanut in the turd? Up side, makes great rafting trips. White Water!! Gonna have to take advantage of that here soon.

Usually it is never this hot before Memorial Day weekend. This makes me cringe, since I am not a big fan of triple digits...let alone coming early. Every year when the triple digits come, I beg my hubby to let us move back to Alaska where I grew up. Where if it gets in the high 80's it makes the news. That is my kind of place. He always says no.
We had lots going on, work and fun. House projects, two going away parties, barbecue..etc. This weekends was full of many "firsts of the season".

1. First time had to break out the sunscreen. My tow head children are skin cancer risks.
2. The first time we got to break out the swimsuits. Chloe was pretty cute in her bikini. NO not the 5T one..I know you were asking.
3. The family pool was opened two weekends early...usually the in-laws open it Memorial day.
4. First Croquet and Bocce Ball games of the season.
5. First barbeque's parties to attend with first deviled eggs consumed.
6. First sun burns
7. First time to turn on Air Conditioning.

Here are a few pictures of the fun in the sun going on's:

Some of the hard work in the sun:
Finishing the last of our fence project (the drive way) from last summer. Finishing landscaping: Did all last weekend. Planted over 60 bulbs, 4 hydrangea's, few other low growing vines. A few of my flower beds
My hubby did a AWESOME job on our fence, two gates, 2 huge drive in, swing gates, over 800 board feet. We are trying to get our house all finished so we can move. Just have a little more landscaping to do in the backyard, and two rooms in the house. Hopefully we can get it all done and move on! Hope to build a new house by next year. It will be hard for me to move, since this is where I had my babies.

It is also graduation I would like to take this time to let you all know that YES I am available for commencement speeches...I can also bring my own cap and gown if needed. Just in case some of you were wondering.......


Ange~ said...

Drinking the beer early? I'm still trying to make sense of this sentence "First time HAND to break out the sunscreen. My tow head children OUR skin cancer risks."? Come say huh? Love the flower question...where's all the flowers?
I'm kidding, I read that they are bulbs, still funny though that it's a picture of a dirt bed. ;)

Jamie said...

What cho talkin'bout Willis? No, this is what happens when my hubby leaves twon for a few days, my brain goes dead. I like my picture of my dirt bed...wait till you see what this ugle duckling becomes!

Becky said...

Way to go on getting so many things done...feels good huh?

Love the blue bikini.

Andrea said...

Nice fence....can't wait to build our new house and do the landscaping thing all over again. Yea! Oh and I will keep you in mind for commencement would definitely inspire graduates...or at least keep them laughing!!

Jamie said...

Thanks. It does feel good to see the before/after effect. Kind of gives you a high. The thing that suck with having to build on new ground is you don't have any established trees with good shade. That is one thing I hate, and will be doing again! I wonder how much a full grown Maple would cost to get planted:))))

Anonymous said...

found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later