Thursday, May 1, 2008

More fun from the Fly-Over

I just wanted to post a few pictures from Monday's events since it was such a beautiful spring day. Here is a panoramic I took of the Kooskia Valley before the Fly-Over:
The kids having a little fun throwing rocks:We have at few "definite traditions" when we go visit gramps and gram. One tradition is to go play at the school playground with the kids. So we then headed off to to play:My grandparent have lived across the street from the school playground longer than I have been alive. My grandpa built that house and raised my mom and her 3 sisters there. It always is a very calm, safe, and relaxing place to go visit. Not to mention the town brings you back to the simpler days.

Growing up, all of us cousins ran across the street to play summer after summer. They have since put in new playground equipment, but some of the older, not up OHSA's standards, toys are still there. It is always pretty sobering to see my children now playing on the toys that I used to play on as a young girl. Like the monkey bars that I peed my pants on. Yeah, I was having to much fun playing with my cousins that I decided to not run across the street to the house, but just lay there and let the golden shower flow. Sorry, TMI. I still can remember what outfit I was wearing and everything.

Another tradition is that we always have to go get lunch down at The River Cafe to get REAL chocolate milkshakes. Anyone who knows me well...knows that I am a chocolate milkshake conasouir AKA milkshake snob. I have been know to send a milkshake back, or grill a waiter as to how their milkshakes are made, and if they are not up to my standards...politely disoblige. I am not ashamed of this fact. I figure if I am going to let you tape the milkshake to my better be the real deal. I have been know to (when I was pregnant) travel the 80 miles to indulge in my sins. I also have my very own HamiltonBeach milkshake maker. I can make a mean one. Our whole family goes in for these treats when visiting. Now I have my children hooked, not like it was a hard thing to do.

As we traveled puking!!!! As the children sleep, I got the pleasure of taking apart the car seat and washing everything. Those of you that have done this know what a puzzle it can be to get it all apart and then put back together the same way that it looked before. Well, some of you know that this ain't my first County Fair. I already mastered this contraption. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of doing this here is a tip: Don't be afraid to take a picture first before you tear it you know how to get it back together!


your momma said...

Now if those two are not the most adorable precious babies in the whole wide world then I don't know what is... I would love to just maul them both myself and that will most likely happen when I get there.. Soooo!!! Watch out precious ones Grandma is on a mission...

Anonymous said...

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