Thursday, May 1, 2008

Letter to Chloe at 18 months

I can hardly believe it is true. How did you already get to be a 1 and 1/2 year old? You are such a little character, and always seem to amaze me on a daily basis. You pick up things sooo fast. You have been saying three-word sentences since you were around 10 months old like ,"What is at?" Anyone can say a word to you, and you will immediately repeat it. You are a daredevil and have never had any fear at all, my little tomboy. While you love playing with your dolls now and love playing trains and cars with brother when he lets you.

You still love your food, and demand to be feed or be given a snack pretty much every few hours. Nobody keeps food from you, and if they will show them who is boss. You love to tell me whether you want milk, juice, or water. NO! seems to be your new favorite word that you picked up from brother. You don't like to be smothered or kissed to much. You will say, "no" and will swat me away when I try to maul you.

You are very helpful around the house and unhelpful at the same time. You love to pick up garbage and hand it to me so I can throw it away. Or, pick up Cormac's room for him, and put away his dirty clothes. At the same time....destroy a room in 10 seconds. You LOVE books. Can't get enough of them, and bring them for me to read constantly. Your favorite right now is "the first 1000 words" and your leap pad with Winnie the Pooh.

Nap time and bed time has always been a breeze with you. I ask you if you want to go night, night, and you will say, "yeah" and go in your room and wait at your crib. Very compliant at times. I also this past week just took your Binky away from you. You fussed the first few days, but now are over it. I have learned with your brother to start early. NO Binky fairy for you, sorry.

You are very goofy just like this picture of you with two different boots on. You always are up to something, and make me laugh. You love to brush your teeth, and have just started potty training. You love your big brother and he looks after you. He will hold your hand to protect you from traffic. Very sweet. It is great to see you two play together and act like best buddies. I hope you always stay close to each other.

I smile everyday when I look at you. You bring me so much joy and laughter. I am proud to be your mom, and always wonder what you will become. Can't wait to watch you grow and learn. Love Mommy :)


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Scrapping Mommy said...

You are such a good mommy.... Isn't it amazing that you do things so different with the second baby. I am learning this. And thank you for the Binky Fairy... :)

Jamie said...

Thanks girls:)Oh and your welcome SM. Hope it works for you.

One Hot Blogga said...

Oh my goodness, Miss Chloe sounds IDENTICAL to Lil Miss SoSo! Both Tom Boys, both don't like to get kisses & like to smack, both compliant with naptimes, and both like to pick up and become a destroyer all in the same moment!!! :p They need a playdate!

Jamie said...

That would be fun! We totally should. Call me or email me and we can make it happen:)