Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kindermusik: 2007-08 Graduation

Kindermusik is officially over. Cormac has had a blast throughout the last few years going through all their different classes, and he is very sad that it is over. He LOVES going. I may need to sign him up for summer classes. However, this fall he will start pre-school. He is just growing up soooo fast. It is time to pass the torch, and for Chloe to start her Kindermusik classes. She has loved going to Cormac's, and trying to steal the show. The last class was this last week, and you could see the fear on the moms faces. The realization has hit them: that summer is officially coming. No more mother's day out, and school to occupy the children during the day. Nope, kids home all day, and in desperate need of things to keep them busy, while Mommy is downing cocktails to cope.
Luckily I don't get to panicked since I can't take my kids to mother's day out, or don't have any kids in school. I am used to having them all day, every I have a ace card of my sleeve for this Summer. I will be posting about that soon.
I realized what a bad mom and scrap-booker I had been. I had no pictures to document this year. I would go into his class with all the other moms, and we would sing the "Hello" song and leave the little booger eaters there. I would then walk Chloe to the park and let her play for a few. Then walk back in time to sing the "goodbye" song.

So on his last class we decided to stay and watch what the kids had been learning all semester, and to see if my child was following instructions...or suffered from ADD. To my relief he was on point. He was the teacher pet actually! Besides, what teacher can resist his dimples and blue eyes...seriously. He was on her like flies on poo. Something I can assure you was not my role in school. I did always have a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0, but spent a lot of time in detention, principles office, and school suspension...gasp. I know, shocking, huh? So needless to say I was relieved that my hubby and I did not pass on the rebellious gene.

Other shocking observations: He was the first to help teacher clean up, answered all questions, read a book to everyone, and followed directions. Who was this child? Did I walk into the right classroom? He wasn't that helpful at my house during clean up time, and didn't listen that well. Yep, his gig was up. I now know the truth.
It was fun to watch all the things they do with the music and instruments. We have all the stuff at home, and listen to the songs all the time. Now I knew the movements that went along with them. Here is some pictures and video of what he has been up to in class:




your momma said...

Oh how precious!! Of Course he is on point. What else would you expect? He is so precious and just sooo handsome and you know he has such a sweet spirit. He reminds me Jamie so much of you at that age. You had the same personality as he does and he loooks so much like you Jamie that I find myself looking at a minnie me. I love looking at your blog and keeping up with my babies through the blog.. Love them babies mamma. Enjoy every minute with them because, as you said they grow up so fast. They will have such special memories of their chilhood to be able to look at their pictures as they get older and develop in various stages.:)

Andrea said...

How cute! Can you believe he'll be in preschool next year! They grow up sooooo quick!

Jamie said...

Little man is growing up. He is already excited to start this fall!