Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gin In My Apron Pocket: Back to the Hamster Cage

I know I have been a bad blogger these past few weeks. Sorry if you depend on me for your daily vice. I have been really busy, and not meaning to ignore you. What had this SAHM-future MILF been up to? Well one thing I have been spending a lot of time on is my secret ops mission still. I hope to be able to reveal this soon! The MTKillers is up and going. Us girls are already sharing tips and laughing our big butts off, literally. (note: you girls who are members can right click on the image and post it on your blog as I did if you want to proudly display it.)

I have officially started back to the gym as of Monday. I have ended my 2 month hiatus from my snowboarding accident. I have not had rib/chest/shoulder pain in 3 weeks, so I feel safe to return. All my gym rat buddies wanted to know where I had been. I informed them that I was not some lazy slacker, but I was on a justifiable medical leave. By which I am sure in their head they thought, "Yeaaah riiight. She was probably in some 90 day treatment program somewhere."

So how did I decide to kick off this MTK project? Spin class bright and early. I get to class and am ready to roll. Then a friend nicely informs me that it is Niki's 58th birthday. (I hope I am in that good of shape like her. Future GILF here I come) So in honor of her, we were going to be doing a 58 minute class. WHAT, I said. I just took two months off, and didn't put my big girl undies on this morning!!! To late to retreat from this mission. We usually do 45 minutes class. I know that doesn't seem bad, but spin class is a whole new level of cardio. For all you Spinning virgins, watch this to get a idea:

The only difference with my class is I am in a room where the walls and ceilings are painted red, and the only light is black light. You feel like rapture has finnally come, and you were a bad girl and not one of the selected few to see the pearly gates of heaven. (Note to self: Try to get butt to church more often.)

So where was I? Oh, so when you take a class that makes you so thirsty you chug water like beer in a beer bong, but you can't drink because you can't catch your know you have found a muffin killer. So needless to say, adding a mear 13 minutes to this can really get your panties in a bunch. I usually am the one in class that yells back at the teacher. I know you are all shocked my this. Like when she tries to warn us about how long and hard the next song will be...I will shout something like, "Don't sing it, bring it!" Not this day, I was the quiet angel which probably only reinforced all their previous thinking about a treatment facility, and that I must be medicated up. I survived though and have been going all week without even being sore. I guess I did retain some muscle memory. In a sarcastic voice: Happy Birthday to you Niki.

The worst part of starting back is the sore butt from sitting on the spin bikes. You just have to build up nice callouses in your girly area, then you feel no more pain. Don't worry, your hubby won't mind and may find it attractive. Kidding, no callouses, but you are sore for 3-4 days. Then it goes away.


PunkAssPixie said...

I had bruises in my "girly area"...explaining this to my fiance was comedy. I love me some spin class.

Jamie said...

Yeah...feels good huh? Love me some sore who-ha. The 2nd days is always the best. I bet your man was intrested in why?

Anonymous said...

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