Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Facts

1. Benjamin Franklin invented swim fins.
2. Malaysians wash their babies in beer to protect then from disease.
3. In case you were wondering: In general, frogs hop faster that toads.
4. The big chill: The South Pole is colder than the North Pole.
5. A restaurant in Mississippi called Hello, I'm...Jello served over 400 dishes made from jello.
6. Poll results: 12% of American boat owners name their boats "Serenity".
7. According to a Yale study, you think better in the winter that in the summer.
8. Moose are very nearsighted. Some try to mate with cars.
9. A plucked eyebrow takes about 90 days to grow back.
10. White House meals were cooked over a fireplace until 1850.


Andrea said...

Um...yuck! Brian is going on a moose hunt in October...I will tell him to keep a good eye on his truck and drive fast if a moose comes near!

Jamie said...

Yeah, tell him not to turn his back on one, it could get ugly!!!

In Alaska, we were always taught that if we saw hide behind a tree for saftey. They can't figure out how to get around the tree to get you! Poor things, they are not the smartest tine int he antler!