Monday, April 14, 2008

Binky is really a 4 lettered word, despite what your 1st grade math skills tell you!

On Saturday evening we implemented "Operation Binky Fairy". Let me explain. When Cormac was young, I was the mom that refused to let him have a Binky. I didn't want him to get attached to it and have to break that attachment later. So he never had one till he was older. When he was over a year old, I was going on a road trip and brought one along to make my life easier. Then he was hooked. Notice the words "make my life easier" that is a oxymoron when it comes to Binky's. For at some point the tables turn on you and your sanity relies on that stupid plastic vice. Curse the Binky!!

These are just a few of the panic stricken phrases that will now become you new language:
Where is the Binky?
Have you seen a Binky lying around here?
Do you know where a Binky is?
Where is my secret stash?
Are their any left?
Will someone find the Binky!!!
I know that Binky was around here some where.
Did you check under the crib?

What happened to making my life easier?? He never had any attachments, no blankie, Binky, stuffed toy...nothing. Then I go and kick myself and give him a Binky?? What was I drunk?

He doesn't suck on one all day, just for naps and bedtime, but I didn't want him growing up with a addictive personality and ending up in rehab talking to Dr. Drew. I figure the Binky is a gateway drug just like Mary Jane is. It starts out as a comfort, then you start filling that comfort void with food, drugs, sex, etc. They comes rehab, and there goes your college fund to pay for it. NO, The vice must be stopped NOW!

No buckteeth, but the dentist told us to get rid of it like 1 1/2 years ago....oooppps. I always had a excuse: We were always going on a trip, sister was born, concentrating on potty training, to traumatic, etc. I think I ended up addicted to that stupid plastic thing, at least emotionally!! We needed a 12 step program, and FAST! So we sent him to BA (Binky's Anonymous), but he relapsed. I guess you relapse a average of 3 times :)

So that brings me to the Binky Fairy (Note: not some guy off BRAVO network showing up to teach your child about style and fashion). I was so over it. He didn't need it any more, so when he asked for a bike, I swung into action! Operation Binky went as follows:

Talked to son for a whole week about being a big boy and what that means..NO BINKY! That he needed to get a gift bag, and go around the house and find all his Binky's to put in the bag. We then give the bag to the Binky fairy by putting it outside. When you are sleeping, the BF will take the bag and give all your Binky's to the new babies that need them. In place of the Binky's she brings you a gift!! So we took him the store to pick out which bike he wanted. He wanted a bike and Diesel (a Thomas Train). So I printed off a picture of the bike he picked out and Diesel and we put them in the bag too so the BF would know what he wanted. Put it outside and then waited to see how bedtime would go.

He cried, "I don't want a bike or Diesel, I want my Binky back." "I don't want to give my Binky's to the Binky Fairy." But he got over it, and went to bed. I then went and wrote him a letter from the BF, and put it along with a bike, Diesel, Helmet, and arm and knee pads in place of the bag of Binky's. Off to bed. In the morning he was happy to see his loot from the BF. I read him the letter from the BF, and told him how proud of him we were! That night when he went to bed he said, "I don't need a Binky. I am a big boy now." WooHoo. That wasn't so bad, now why did it take so long to do it? Now I am going straight to Chloe!!


Ange~ said...

That is a fantastic idea! When I was little, I was a thumb sucker until I was 5- then my mom promised me if I quit I could get my ears pierced. I quit overnight. Really, binky addictions are easier to quit than finger sucking because at least you can remove the binky from their body. It was sad when Ysa had to quit though "BINKY! BINKY!" Yikes.

Jamie said...

Yes they are, but who says you can't cut a thumb off? Lucky for Cormac he never tried sucking on him thumb:)

How did you ween Ysa from her binky?? I wish I knew it was goning to only take one day, I would have done it a lot earlier.

Ange~ said...

The first time we tried to quit- the binkies "broke" I cut the ends of them and gave her just the hard plastic part without the nipple. She screamed so much I found a good one and gave it to her. Then a few months later, the dentist said to get her off them ASAP as she was forming an over bite. So we just went cold turkey, dr's orders. I think I had her throw them away. What a mean mom I am- I'll use your method if Roslynn ends of getting hooked- she's not right now, so...

Jamie said...

I thought about doing the "cut the end off" a year ago, but was to afraid of what would happen. I was to busy being prego and having a new one...that I didn't want to throw that in too. I was more concerned with potty training. This timing worked out good for us. He hasn't fussed since!! Good luck with the next. I am going to do Chloe's Operation Binky soon.

Andrea said...

UUUggghhh! I dread the day. Brock is such a Binky boy! I keep saying after we move to Missoula and before he turns 2 which gives me a 3 week window. But then it will be when our house is done being built, etc. I am sure I will always have an excuse for making my life easier! I think I have already noticed his teeth look a little different than the other kids because they never had binkys. You may have to come to Missoula to do a binky intervention with me on Brock!

Jamie said...

You won't want to add anymore stress to your life i am dure. Plus with all the new changes in Brock's may want him to have his vice. Although. maybe you could talk in into getting a new gun to carry around if he looses the binky! Like a "Red Rider BB gun" like the one on the christmas story. Oh wait he'll shott his eye out. I may have to come visit you and par-take in Operation Phase out Binky, but you will have to promise me that Brock won't go postal and shoot me!!