Sunday, December 2, 2007

One of the Seven Deadly Sins

The one I am talking about is Gluttony.Derived from the latin: gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or intoxicants to the point of waste.

Well let me tell you my month started off in true Clark Griswold style. After sledding all day and having a great time, I come home and decide to give my English Bulldog a treat since he had to stay home all day. I had left-over roast and decided to give him some.

Well, it was a piece the size of a tennis ball, and I put it in his bowl thinking he would chew off bites, like most "normal" dogs. Oh no, good ol' Lord Louie in a fit of true gluttony inhaled the meat. As I stood and watched, he then gages, and pukes it up along with his lunch. So I tried to grab the meat, and he growled at me. He never had done this before. So I think good lord he really wants this meat.

So he inhales it again, and begins to choke on it. I try to give him the Heimlich to no avail. I am thinking my dog is going to die, because he starts to loose breath and gets light headed. He then starts to loose balance and slides on the tile floor and then in true movie fashion, falls on his back with all four-legs in the air.
At this time I am screaming MATT, MATT, Louie is choking. By this time he puked it back up again. And before I can grab it, eats it for a THIRD time! Wow, smart dog I have huh? So as you make have guessed, he puked it up again. Then I guess third time is a charm, because he didn't want it after that time. Then lucky me got to clean up the mess and scrub the tile. I have learned from now on, cut up his treats!!

Oh Yeah- Is this not the scariest advertisement for Pork 'n' Beans you have ever seen? The child looks possessed, and evil. Sure makes me want some beans! Sorry if this images pops up in any of your dreams tonight. The caption I think this ad needs is,"Hand over the pork and beans, and nobody gets hurt".


Becky said...

I am glad he is drama lately, huh?

Kristi O said...

I am so worried about Louie... I am glad to hear he is okay. That is just scary...... wow.

hey thanks for coming down to hang out with me this weekend. I really appreciated it. You're a great friend/pal to me.

Erica Jane said...

Okay, your dog is absolute drama! Poor little guy. At least he tried to not give up, to have perserverance! I agree that you should be cutting up his treats and putting a baby gate at the stairs so he doesn't fall down them while he is sleeping. :) You don't have two children, you have three. :)